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Welcome to Ronald Reagan Elementary School

Welcome to our school! We believe that parent participation is key to student success.
Parents of enrolled pupils and parents who wish to enroll their children in the School District may visit, tour and observe the schools and classrooms.  Visitors, including parents and parents of prospective pupils, must follow the school’s procedures for scheduling visits, tours or observations.  The District may discontinue visits, tours, and observations if such events threaten the health and safety of the pupils and staff.

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"Cruising into Kindergarten" Event Featured Photo

"Cruising into Kindergarten" Event

Do you have a child who will be entering Kindergarten in 2024-25? If so, join us at our event on November 29th to learn more about the Crane Elementary School District! Read the full story for details.
2023 Letter Grades Celebration! Featured Photo

2023 Letter Grades Celebration!

The Arizona Department of Education has released their annual letter grades for all public schools. Read the full story to read how Crane Schools were graded.

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Mission Statement

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At Ronald Reagan Elementary School, we cultivate a dynamic and inclusive learning environment where every child is empowered to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. 
We are committed to nurturing each child’s unique potential, fostering a love for learning, and embracing the diversity that enriches our school community. We recognize that learners today make the leaders of tomorrow.